The Grove – Filmore

One of the perks of moving to a new city is that you have a completely new list of restaurants to check out. I’m a huge foodie and nothing brings me more joy than some good food (and wine)!

Last Sunday was my first weekend out in the city and my roommate and I decided to do some exploring. We came across  The Grove – Filmore and it looked so cute that it made us want to check it out. The menu is located to the right of the entrance, right before you walk in.


Everything sounded delish but the one dish that stood out to the both of us was their Rachero Baked Eggs (10/10 would recommend!!!). We got there around 12:15 P.M. and the wait to order was about 25 minutes long. If you go on a sunny day I would definitely suggest sitting outside. We got our food about 5-7 minutes after ordering; brownie points because we were starving. Not only did our food look amazing but it tasted even better! For all my vegetarians out there, you can try this dish as well! They will substitute eggs with hash brown. 🙂


Best part is that they serve breakfast ALL DAY LONG! I mean what gets better than that? Can’t wait to be back to try out all the other goodies on their menu. 😋



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