Festival Trends

March is finally here and now I can happily say “Festival Season is upon us!” With CRSSD, Coachella, and others right around the corner I cannot wait to start seeing and reading about festival fashion. So what are some of my favorite trends for this year’s festivities?

Body Chains Boob Chains 

I have been obsessed with body chains for the longest time. Whether I’m at the beach, at a pool party, or at Coachella you’d see me in at least one outfit paired with a body chain. BUT my recent obsession has moved onto Boob Chains. Seriously, how sexy are these?!

If you’re looking to spend less on pretty pieces then you can find it at UO or Windsor!



Sexy Slits

Don’t we just love when our legs are looking long and sexy? Wear a long dress or skirt with a slit for a comfy and boho look.



Wild West

These belts are a MUST, no further discussions!



What are some festival trends you guys are excited to see this year? Comment below dolls!

Xoxo ohhtoonan


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